Product and Services

aureka is a web application that works on all browsers – all you need to do is log in!

With aureka you can:

Process data

get automatic transcription of audios and videos in 30 languages

search transcripts, metadata and annotations

obtain overviews of your content using Natural Language Processing – automatic recognition of names of people, places and organizations as well as dates

[soon] multimedia search using Neural Search

Conduct in-depth analysis

Annotate documents

Visualize of your annotations

[soon] get keyword recommendations

Share and publish

Work with colleagues thanks to our collaborative features

Edit and export transcripts

create searchable catalogs and media libraries

aureka’s team assists with:

Data conversion and migration: we take care of adapting the formats of your recordings for better performance on the platform.

Customizing the publishing view for catalogs and media libraries: we present your collections in harmony with your platforms.

Trainings: We offer workshops and trainings on the use of artificial intelligence and digital tools for research and indexing as well as for the Digital Humanities

Development of additional features on demand: for medium and large projects, we are happy to develop customized functions.